Norris Man

Norris Man’s album Better Your Soul is out. Get it now for the super low online price of $10.. See track listing and listen to clips.

This CD represents the artist’s work with Jah Scout and inlcudes all singles released on this label.

The CD features 17 songs including:

  • Music produced by Colin McGregor and veteran reggae artist and producer Rankin Scroo of Crucial Youth Productions
  • Norris in combination with renowned rapper Money B of Digital Underground.
  • Songs produced by Colin McGregor’s collaboration with Duane Dyer and Winston Smith of JaQuzzi Records
  • Songs produced by Dia Fearon of the Builder’s Music Label

Music Video

“DONT BE SHY” (high res wmv file)  

Tours and Shows

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Latest Interviews and Vibes

NEW!! Printed News Articles, Interviews and Reviews

Norris Man’s backstage interview with Diane Adam, Nov 18, 2000, Palookaville, Santa Cruz, California. (text and stage photos)

Norris Man’s backstage interview with Laura Gardner of, Nov 19, 2000, Slims Night Club, San Francisco California. (text and photos)

Norris Man and Colin McGregor talk to IREGGAE.COM, Dec 1999 (live song included, sound 20 min.)

Norris Man reasons with Humble Lion, KUSF Radio San Francisco CA, Dec 1999 (sound 20 min.)