Norris Man, Better Your Soul



Track Listing

Track Title
1 Change of Life
2 Hold On To Your Faith
3 Last Days
4 Don’t Be Shy
5 Better Your Soul
6 Wouldn’t You Like
7 I Know Good Things
8 Jah Love Us
9 The Sun Still Shines
10 When Dem Ego Done
11 He Who Knows
12 The Pain
13 She Grooves (Featuring Money B)
14 Stop Your Lying
15 Blessed Are Those
16 Focus the Right Stuff
17 Mek Jah Guide You

The LP and singles are available from Ernie B’s Reggae

Catalog of Singles

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Artist Song Listen
Anthony B Send it Off sound
Anthony B Purify sound
Cecile Let Me Know sound
Paul Elliott True Love sound
Paul Elliott Seek Jah Blessing sound  
Norris Man Change of Life sound  
Norris Man When Dem Ego Done sound
Norris Man I Know Good Things sound
Norris Man Jah Love Us sound
Norris Man Hold On To Your Faith sound
Norris Man Don’t Be Shy sound
Turbulence Hail King Rastafari sound